Personal Profile

Denis is an Organisational Coach whose Agile journey spans over 15 years. He focuses on the organizational design of software product companies. Denis participated in multiple respective experiments in various companies from small start-ups to gigantic BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Deutsche Bank. His previous career started more than 20 years ago when he followed a traditional path from a software developer to project management until learned about Agile. A big part of his experience was in Banking and Fintech, yet several years ago he changed to Automotive and Digital.

So far, he directly worked within two cases of LeSS adoption, one of which definitely stands out of the crowd as it was a LeSS Huge at BMW Autonomous Driving. These experiences helped him gain extremely valuable knowledge of the most common mistakes made by organizations trying to do any Agile transformation, including those trying to adopt LeSS. One of the simplest yet common mistakes leading to critical consequences is the ignorance of principles and guides.  

The key learning from his experience is that no practices, methods, or tools will make organizations Agile. The needed change of culture and mindset requires people to step out of their comfort zone. Many don’t like it and won’t go for it unless they need it themselves. Therefore, you can design the organizational system in a specific way that creates conditions in which Agile becomes useful for people. And vice versa, an inappropriate organizational structure may put out all sparks of Agility. Denis observed both these scenarios a lot, analyzed them deeply, and is keen to share his expertise.