Personal Profile

Freelance Lean Startup + Agile coach. Founder at

Former CTO & Product Director at InfoJobs.

Writing my PhD thesis in Artificial Intelligence at  The Computer Science department (CS) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).

I love to help companies improve their results by having a culture, organization and processes that help them build products that users love as fast as possible. Helping managers put realize their strategies using Hoshin Kanri or OKRs. Helping product people change their mentality, get out of the office, talk with users and iterate their products quickly. Introducing methodologies like Lean Startup, Customer Development and Design Thinking. Also helping developers being happier, more autonomous and more connected to the business. Establishing methodologies like Lean, Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban.

With a very techie background and never ending passion for code writing. Obsessed with customer and user orientation. Writing my PhD thesis in artificial intelligence. More precisely trying to help in cancer prediction by improving the stability of feature selection algorithms on DNA microarray data.

Worked most of my professional life at InfoJobs. Most recently as CTO & Product Director. I was part of the top management team and head of the cross functional team of product owners, developers, QA, UX, design that leads innovation and evolves InfoJobs’​ web sites, the leading job board in Spain. Trying to shift the way of management inspired by Jurgen Appelo’s Management 3.0. Change agent. Fan of agile methodologies for software development. Leading the adoption of Lean Startup and Customer Development methodologies in one of the (yet) few big companies using them in Spain as far as I know. As an eager learner I like to go and visit companies that might be inspiring for future changes at least once a year. I recently learnt a lot from Twitter, Spotify, Kissmetrics, Kiva, Lean startup machine, futurice and Reaktor.