Personal Profile

Berlin, Німеччина

Stefan has worked many years as a product manager, product owner, and agile coach (Scrum, Lean Startup, Lean Change). He’s founded multiple companies and has led the development of B2C and B2B software for, primarily, fast-growing startups, but also for other organizations — including a former Google subsidiary. Today, he is working for the Berlin Product People GmbH.

Despite originally studying chemistry Stefan has never worked in a laboratory, and instead continued his education in business administration and law. Following school, he discovered a passion for software and, in 1996, launched the first online e-commerce platform to feature SAP R/3 connectivity — only to learn that the early bird does not necessarily catch the worm. After moving from his hometown of Hamburg to Berlin, Germany, he created Susuh GmbH, a marketplace for local services. Other ventures followed, and in 2011 he founded Startup Camp Berlin — one of the largest German startup conferences today.

Stefan’s latest project, Age of Product, focuses on the exchange of knowledge between the people involved in product development: product managers, product owners, scrum masters, designers, and developers. The goal is to help those involved in product development with lessons learned and best practices for continuous agile product discovery and delivery.