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Hangzhou, Chine
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I am Yi Lv, living in Hangzhou, China. Lv, my surname, is probably hard to pronounce, as in fact, the correct Pinyin is Lü. So, pronounce as Lü and write as Lv:).

From late 2005, while working in Nokia Networks, I started to get acquainted with agile software development, in particular, Scrum. That turned out to be my first experience of LeSS adoption. Bas and Craig were both much involved in it, and I had learned greatly from them. I led a department inside that product organization and focused on developing teams and Scrum Masters to create sustainability. During the year of 2008, I also became the first Certified Scrum Trainer from China. I left Nokia Networks in late 2010 and joined Odd-e till now.

As a coach at Odd-e, I also worked in other industries such as Internet companies. My focus has been on large-scale product development, especially helping organizations benefit from LeSS and/or its adoption. One of those experiences has been documented as a LeSS case study, Huawei - LeSS without Scrum.

I have been learning and practicing systems thinking since 2009, after attending a workshop by Jean Tabaka and Bill Wake in Agile 2009 conference. Over the past couple of years, I wrote a series of blogs to help see system dynamics in organizational design and change. In China, I also initiated a great community group working together to “bring systems thinking to more people” since a year ago.

Why promoting systems thinking as a LeSS trainer and coach? I explained this in my view of LeSS. In short, I believe that LeSS opens up the stairway to a learning organization in the field of product development. I welcome you to be part of it.