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Lean Sherpas GmbH

Berlin, Германия

Who We Are

Like the Sherpas who help Himalayas climbers during their quest by providing deep knowledge and an understanding of the terrain, routes and weather conditions, all of which maximise the chances of reaching the summit, our coaches advise, enable and assist our clients who are on missions of their own.

The teams and organizations we work with, just like the expeditions, must put in the effort, take on challenges and face the risks involved in reaching their goal. Our purpose is to assist them on their journey towards maximum results.

In order to achieve higher levels of productivity, our clients aim to sustainably and quickly deliver value and innovation by creating learning organizations. With our deep knowledge of lean and agile thinking and organizational tools, we provide guidance and support to reach higher heights.

Agile Coaching

Lean Startup, Agile Frameworks, Descaling Organisations

We guide you on how to apply lean thinking and agile practices to achieve faster development cycles and deliver value in just a few months.

Product Ownership

Lean Analytics, Customer Journeys, Growth Hacking

We help you understand how to measure what matters, grow your product and customer base and innovate at a very fast rate.

Technical Excellence

Continuous Delivery, Clean Code, Test-Driven Development

We teach you how to make changes to the product in an easy, fast and flexible way by applying clear agile engineering practices.

Let us guide you to reach your goals.


Robert Briese has been leading the adoption from February 2015 until September 2016. Oksana Briese has supported as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach from January 2016 until July 2017.

Two LeSS Coaches from Lean Sherpas were involved at BMW Group during the time of this Huge LeSS Huge adoption.


Name Location
Robert Briese Berlin, Германия
Oksana Briese Berlin, Германия
Konstantin Ribel Munich, Германия
Sergey Dmitriev Denver, Colorado, Соединённые штаты

Company Admin: Robert Briese