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LeSS Events

Below is a list of events that were posted by Certified LeSS Practitioners. You can subscribe to the upcoming events and then you will be informed about uploaded training material or photos.

We hope the events will further your LeSS understanding and allow you to grow your LeSS network!

Upcoming Events

Type Title By Date City
Meet-up LeSS in banks Viktor Grgić 2023-06-06 Utrecht
Drinks (and Food) After LeSS Practitioner course drinks Bas Vodde 2023-06-09 Amsterdam
Meet-up AI, GLAD & Organizational Design Craig Larman 2023-06-13 Rotterdam
Conference "Talk LeSS" Conference Craig Larman, Jurgen De Smet, Krzysztof Niewinski, Tomek Wykowski, Denis Salnikov, Agata Sobek, Magdalena Dzięgielewska, Michał Jakubas, Maciej Słociński, Konrad Grzegory 2023-06-17 Warsaw
Conference Talk Agile Austria Conference 2023 (Hybrid) Wolfgang Richter 2023-10-12 (Online) Graz

Recent Events

Type Title By Date City
Meet-up Liberating your Teams from Rigid Scope and Date Agreements Rowan Bunning 2023-05-23 (Online) Sydney
Other LeSS Coach Camp Malaga Spain 2023 Leonardo Tapia 2023-05-18 Málaga
Meet-up Experience sharing: LeSS at Wartsila Roy Klein, John Kop 2023-05-11 Amsterdam
Meet-up The impact of AI on Management & Org Design / Meetup with Craig Larman Craig Larman 2023-05-11 Milano / Sesto San Giovanni
Meet-up LeSS Practitioner's Day with Bas Vodde and Alexey Krivitsky Bas Vodde, Alexey Krivitsky 2023-04-21 Münich
Meet-up Meet-up with Bas Vodde Bas Vodde, Alexey Krivitsky 2023-04-19 Münich
Presentation "Maximizing Dependencies with Interdependent Teams" by Bas Vodde Bas Vodde, Frederic Siepmann 2023-04-18 Munich
Meet-up Organizational Topologies Alexey Krivitsky, Roland Flemm 2023-04-12 Utrecht