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LeSS Supporting Courses

Besides the certified LeSS courses, there are supporting courses for learning more about LeSS given by Certified LeSS Coaches. For example, there are courses that cover the necessary and supporting technical practices.

Here are some ‘standard LeSS supporting courses’:

Upcoming courses

LeSS in Action: Developer Practices2022-05-235 daySingapore, СингапурTerry Yin
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices2022-08-155 daySingapore, СингапурTerry Yin
Leading Effective Teamwork2022-08-252 dayHelsinki, ФинляндияAri Tikka
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices2022-09-265 day(Online) Taipei, ТайваньTerry Yin
Leading Effective Teamwork2022-10-132 dayMünchen, ГерманияAri Tikka
Leading Effective Teamwork2022-10-202 dayBerlin, ГерманияAri Tikka