Coaching Company Profile

Valtech GmbH

Düsseldorf, Німеччина
Toulouser Allee 23a

    We are Valtech. We are a maker company that engineers experiences. We design and build. We run digital operations and optimize continuously. We do consultancy with a maker spirit. 

    Our goal is to create unique and personal experiences that improve human lives and make our clients business grow. We are innovators, design thinkers, marketers, creatives and developers spanning 5 continents with offices in 16 countries (France, USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, India, Australia, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine).

    We combine experience design, technology development, marketing crafts and strategy in all stages of the business lifecycle with unique services that outcompete others in quality, speed and value.


    This mission was performed by Valtech GmbH with up to 7 coaches.

    Valtech worked as the main partner in this LeSS adoption with 10-15 trainers and coaches. Together with the leadership, Valtech defined the initial working model. The rollout of the adoption was supported with training hundreds of employees and partners, followed by LeSS and technical excellence coaching in the respective product areas. See case on Valtech website for video and details.


    Name Location
    Dirk Lässig Düsseldorf, Німеччина
    Nils Bernert Munich, Німеччина
    Michael Mai Munich, Німеччина
    Markus Cansever Munich, Німеччина
    Markus Tecza Munich, Німеччина
    Elisabeth Liberda Munich, Німеччина
    Benjamin Brachert Munich, Німеччина
    Thomas Latka München, Німеччина
    Gina Röge Aachen, Німеччина
    Erwin Yükselgil Munich, Німеччина
    Margit Fischer Berlin, Німеччина
    Anne Hübner München, Німеччина
    Beate Kasper Munich, Німеччина
    Andrea Nebel Köln, Німеччина
    Christian Schmoll Düsseldorf, Німеччина
    Markus Köhne Düsseldorf, Німеччина

    Company Admin: Markus Tecza