Personal Profile

Munich, Німеччина
Valtech GmbH

Michael is a deeply rooted coach and developer. He thinks beyond the edge of his mandate and discovers ways that take perspective for the enclosing system with all its actors. His affection for complex adaptive systems was nurtured during his study of computer science and continues with each coaching, training, and development engagement.

His connection to the very foundation of modern business agility is dominant. His broad understanding of technology, implementation, integration, organization, regulatory consideration, quality consideration, customer delight, and strategic orientation and support serves as base for holistic agile thinking and consul.

He started his professional career as a doctoral student only to be surpassed by his affection for complex adaptive systems and the shift agile thinking brings to the play. He progressively invested himself into coaching and teaching until it his current engagement with valtech.

His special interest is to improve the condition of success on the levels of employees, the organization, and products without carry-trading one for the other. Over the years he worked with start-ups, with corporate spin-off, with traditional organization and with thought-agile-but-not-real-agile organization.

Some more remarkable stations are:

I joined the USP project in 2014 as Agile Coach for technical excellence and cross-team coaching. I started with coaching teams in test automation and incremental code development. As Scrum Master for two teams, I focused on facilitating inter team collaboration by strengthening coordination and integration practices.

One of these coordination practices was the experiment of a “Regression Daily”, which I facilitated. Over time, the quality of the smoke and regression test runs (number of successful tested builds), as well as the code quality itself, improved quite well.

I helped developers to improve their incremental coding and refactoring skills, so that they were able to communicate via code and share their working results continuously with each other in the trunk without breaking builds or tests. This technique was a pre-request for the desired trunk based development.