Certified LeSS for Executives: Principles, Organization, and Change

Соединённое Королевство

Description :

This course is specifically designed for the executive and senior manager covering the successful patterns for organisational change when adopting LeSS and moving to a Product & Customer-Centric organisational design

The flow and focus of the course will be tailored to the expertise and growth areas of the people in the room to create a unique and agile experience that learners get the most from.

For a business to thrive they need to be able to quickly and cheaply adapt to changing priorities, enabling them to always be working on the newly discovered highest value item. This has always been a desire for many who are in the business of delivering software, LeSS, however, goes deeper than this by covering the fundamental aspects of organisational change and how the changes requested by LeSS eradicates the dependencies that are the scourge of many an organisation.

Large Scale Scrum is one of if not the leanest, minimal organisational frameworks that enable the delivery of a high-quality product. The implications of this are it proactively makes transparent and empowers you to remove of waste from the entire organisation, paving the way to true business agility.

What participants will learn  

Whether you are an executive, senior manager or someone that supports them this course will give you a deep insight into what is required to build a successful Product and Customer-centric organisation using LeSS.

Why Large Scale Scrum is less about the method and more about organisational design and structure.

Why and how executives and senior managers must drive the change for a successful implementation.

How the change from a project to a product-centric organisation will affect the business, results, people and leadership responsibilities.

Our trainers have many years of real-world experience not only in assisting an organisation and its most senior of people but also from the other side. Ben has not only been a LeSS trainer but has also been a senior manager and has experienced and overcome the challenges and organisational resistance to change.

Agenda :

What participants will get 

  • The ability to explain how your organisation can improve its structure and culture to untap the potential of their people and achieve business agility.
  • Knowledge and skills to help increase your chances of success with LeSS
  • Knowing that everyone's context is different during this course our skilled trainers can flex and structure and content of the course to meet the participant's needs, truly agile delivery.
  • Two days of high-quality instruction from one of the most experienced LeSS trainers in the world
  • A detailed workbook and course materials to take away
  • Certification as a Certified LeSS Executive®
  • An account on the less.works website which contains additional information about LeSS, course information and
  • options to stay in contact with course participants
  • 24 Scrum Alliance SEUs
  • Soft copies of all three LeSS books

Price: 1 950 GBP

Early Bird Price: 1 750 GBP (End Date: 2023-08-31)