Leading Effective Teamwork


Description :

Learn to grow great collaboration and performance by creating the enabling organizational context and leading the group dynamics.

This training gives a comprehensive demystified understanding of Teamwork, covering the organizational enablers, interaction, group dynamics, process coaching, and working with resistance. It gives research-based and time-tested advice on what to do in practical situations.

Teamwork happens best in stable small teams. Teamwork skills enable great collaboration and performance also in other organizational units like communities, projects, and workgroups. From the organizational perspective, teamwork is the only antidote for bureaucracy. More background at https://gosei.fi/teamwork/

Who is it for

  • Leaders and influential team members, who create Teamwork in their organizations.
  • Scrum Masters and coaches, who train and coach Teamwork.
  • Executives and change drivers who want to create an organizational design optimized for Teamwork.

Agenda :

Day 1: Organizational enablers for Teamwork

  • Teamwork in a nutshell
  • Interaction in Teamwork: Feedback, Coaching Dialogue, Nonviolent communication
  • Responsibility process
  • Hackman's six conditions for Teamwork: Real team, Compelling purpose, Right people, Clear norms of conduct, Supportive organizational context, and Team‐focused coaching
  • Organizational culture and norms leading to trust and safety
  • Teamwork as the antidote for bureaucratic control
  • Teamwork based change in the organization

Day 2: Group dynamics

  • Group dynamics demystified
  • Leadership and group dynamics in team development: Dependency, Adolescence, Cohesion, Mature team, Ending (Tuckman's *orming model corrected)
  • Psychological concepts: projection, transference, defenses, container, etc.
  • Practical techniques, especially how to support a new team
  • Dysfunctional teams: Happy family, depressed team, narcissistic disturbances, Groupthink
  • Conflict resolution exercise
  • Process coaching. Learning to share workload, competence, and leadership.
  • Teamwork in communities and remote teams
  • How to use the learnings as a leader, team member, or coach

The training is based on interactive theory inserts, practicing techniques, and analyzing experiences. We will reflect when possible – the trainer's actions may be questioned at any time, and the training group sometimes acts as its own case study.

This is a perfect companion for the Certified LeSS Practitioner training.

Details :

The trainer

Ari Tikka has experience in developing Teamwork and organizations since the last millennium. The content is drawn from Teamwork research by Richard Hackmann and Susan Wheelan, Coaching, Responsibility Process, Nonviolent Communication, Agile, workplace counseling, and long mentoring in Tavistock and Foulkes' group dynamics traditions.


Two days, max 12 participants. The language is English, or Finnish if appropriate.

Price: 1,500 EUR

Early Bird Price: 1,200 EUR (End Date: )