One Team Scrum

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A Lightweight Guide to the Theory and Practice of Scrum
Version 2.0

Pete Deemer Gabrielle Benefield Craig Larman Bas Vodde
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A note to readers: There are many concise descriptions of Scrum available online, and this primer aims to provide the next level of detail on the practices. It is not intended as the final step in a Scrum education; teams that are considering adopting Scrum are advised to equip themselves with Ken Schwaber’s Agile Project Management with Scrum or, Mike Cohn’s Succeeding with Agile and take advantage of the many excellent Scrum training and coaching options that are available; full details are at Our thanks go to Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, and Mike Cohn for their generous input.

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© 2016 Pete Deemer, Gabrielle Benefield, Craig Larman, Bas Vodde

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