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James Carpenter is focused on improving product development organizations through meaningful organizational and cultural change. Over the years fads come and go, yet the truth of what actually works has stayed relatively consistent.

Small, focused, and highly collaborative groups of engineers who closely engage with the customers and users tend to produce the best products. Similarly, software craftsmanship practices such as test-first development made just as much sense in the 1970's as they make today.

The LeSS framework, principles, and guides resonate very strongly with James, and are aligned with what actually works in practice. LeSS provides the tools and insights to better understand the complex dynamics which exist in large organizations. James' courses will help you to better understand these tools and insights for yourself, so you can bring them back and apply them to your own organization.

James is one of a handful of LeSS trainers in North America, and one of just over a couple dozen LeSS trainers globally. He is experienced in transforming organizations with products which include complex combinations of hardware and software, as his LeSS case study reveals.

You can find out more about James on his website.

Location Interest Survey

James' training-related efforts are focused on in-person delivery of both private and public courses. If you would like a public course in a city which seldom has public LeSS training, please fill out the CLP location interest survey.

For a private course, please send James a direct email.

James is a native English speaker with some Spanish immersion training.

Remote Training

An in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner course provides an opportunity for much better learning outcomes than are possible with remote training. If you are in a United States time zone and remote training is your only good option, I recommend taking a Provisional Certified LeSS Trainer course with Gene Gendel.

Public Course Listings

Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices2024-06-243 daysMilwaukee, Wisconsin, United StatesJames Carpenter
Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices2024-06-248 days (ONLINE) Class Size: 12 ppl(Online) Rockville Centre, New York, United StatesGene Gendel