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Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner - Principles to Practices

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The provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner has a similar content as the in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner and for content, we’d like to refer to that page instead of duplicating it here.

A provisional Certified LeSS Pracitioner course will be at least 3-full days of content spread over minimal 5 days and has a maximum class size of 12 participants. The days do not have to be consecutive.

Differences between provisional and in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner

The main differences between the provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner and the in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner is this:

  • The provisional is online and the in-person one is not (duh…).
    • Thus typical drawbacks of online events such as harder to keep attention, more domestic interruption, technical problems, etc.
    • While also having the advantages of online, such as not having to travel, allowing it to be spread in multiple sessions, etc.
  • Some group exercises will be different as informal in-person discussion around physical whiteboards won’t happen.
  • Some demonstration of facilitation techniques relevant to in-person LeSS events won’t happen. Instead some techniques for facilitating online LeSS events are included.
  • The informal cross-participant discussion tends to be less effective leading to less experience sharing between students.

In this course we focus on delivering and sharing LeSS knowledge similar to the in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner course. Thus this course is useful for people who want to learn more in-depth about LeSS, especially people currently in a LeSS adoption. As it is not the same experience as a in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner course, due to the above mentioned differences, we will not provide a Certified LeSS Practitioner certificate. Instead, you will become a provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner (pCLP), which can become a Certfied LeSS Practitioner certificate by visiting an in person LeSS course such as a LeSS and Learn workshop in-person.

When you attend a provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner, you will receive an account on the LeSS site, access to the LeSS books and other learning material that was traditionally only accessible for Certified LeSS Practitioners and Certified LeSS for Executives. You will be able to renew that every two years, exactly the same as a Certified LeSS Practitioners.

Transforming your provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner to a Certified LeSS Practitioner

Your provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner will transform into a normal Certified LeSS Pracitioner when:

  • You joined an in-person LeSS & Learn session, or
  • You join an in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner or Certified LeSS for Executives course.

More questions?

If you still have more questions related to the provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner course please check out the Courses FAQ or drop a mail to the LeSS support.