Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner (pCLP)

Why does this course exist and why is it called Provisional?

We believe that in-person face-to-face interaction significantly contributes to team-work and learning. At the same time, we have gotten requests to do the CLP course online (specifically during the COVID pandemic). We do not think an online course will be the same experience and learning as the in-person face-to-face CLP however we do want to create an opportunity for people to learn about LeSS when it is not easy to be in-person. After weighing the different options, we decided to create the provisional CLP (pCLP) which has a similar content as the CLP but is online. The learning and experience is not the same, and to differentiate the pCLP from the CLP, we decided that the pCLP will not lead to a “Certified LeSS Practitioner” but that you will still need to join a CLP or LeSS and Learn (L&L) session and then the pCLP will be upgraded to a CLP.

Does a pCLP results in a Certified LeSS Practitioner certificate?

No, it does not. You will still need to join an in-person CLP or an in-person LeSS and Learn event for that.

How can I convert provisional CLP to CLP?

Your provisional CLP will be converted to a CLP when you attend one of the following in-person events:

After this event, the trainer will register you on the LeSS site. When the site discovers you have a pCLP then it will convert that to a CLP.

Do I need to pay for the CLP class again to get certificate?

This will depend on the LeSS trainer. Some trainers offer a free CLP for people who earlier participated their pCLP but other trainers do not.
Usually you will need to pay the CLP class when that is offered by another trainer, unless you agreed with that trainer otherwise.

Does a pCLP course give me any proof that I have joined the course such as a “certificate of attendance”

Yes, every course from will lead to a certificate of attendance which can be used to show you attended the course.

Why does a pCLP lead to a badge on my LeSS profile?

The badges on the LeSS profile are not just for the certificates you received but there are also other badges. For example, when you speak at a LeSS Conference, you will also receive a badge. Also the pCLP will show a badge that you attended that, which is similar as the CLP badge except it shows “provisional.” It will be removed after you got your CLP through an in-person CLP or in-person LeSS and Learn session.

Isn’t it backwards and old-fashioned to not allow for the Certified LeSS Practitioner to be online?

Perhaps. We will continue to re-evaluate what and how we offer courses to maximise the learning experience of the courses. So far, we have experience with online courses and in-person courses and from that, we concluded that there is certainly value in online courses and yet it doesn’t provide the same learning experience as in-person course. By not allowing for the Certified LeSS Practitioner to be online and instead have the pCLP, we hope to clarify that they are not the same experience despite most of the official content being the same.