Individual Involvement Of Nils Bernert

I joined the USP in 2013 as a Scrum Master for two teams and transitioned over time to an Agile Coach supporting the Design Governance group to fulfill their Product Ownership, facilitating multi-team collaboration and meetings like overall retrospectives, Communities, refinements or Testing Dojos.

At first my focus was on establishing Continuous Integration practices as a behavior and shared responsibility of all teams and not only as a responsibility of the CI team. The same principle applied to quality, that quality was the responsibility of all teams as well. The test management team was mainly supporting the teams with their test and test automation know how and covering the project responsibilities related to the surrounding BMW i program.

Together with the other agile coaches we were preparing and co-facilitating the self-designing team workshop and the team building activities, e.g. using team knowledge model and team building exercises.
It was amazing, that the participants cheered at the end of the self-designing team workshop and I could feel a really high energy and motivation in the teams and by myself afterwards.