Individual Involvement Of Robert Briese

The Lead Coach of this LeSS Adoption (Mark Bregenzer) personally asked me to join and assist the Scrum Masters, Managers, and Teams with my LeSS experience in following the ambitious goals. I paired up with a technical coach, and we jointly supported one Requirement Area for multiple months until moving to another RA. My responsibilities included:

  • Coaching the Scrum Masters to grow the mindset of an agile organization
  • Helping the Scrum Masters organize and facilitate the LeSS events
  • Coaching the Area PO
  • Guiding Product Backlog Refinements and joining mob programming sessions.

Many Scrum Masters in the organization booked 1-on-1 coaching or shadowing sessions with us, which helped them improve their skills and knowledge. It was a unique experience that I'm very proud to have been part of, and I'm still in touch with many Scrum Masters in the organization.