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LeSS Newsletter - February 2024

LeSS Conference 2024 Madrid is getting closer!

Excitement is building as the LeSS 2024 Conference team is on the brink of revealing the perfect venue for our most anticipated event yet!

Imagine a space where the brightest minds in Large Scale Scrum and Organisational Design come together for an unmatched blend of knowledge sharing, from enlightening talks by industry luminaries to thought-provoking panel discussions and hands-on workshops. And with our Open Space format, the opportunities for dynamic, participant-driven conversations and connections with LeSS Trainers, Coaches, and fellow practitioners are boundless.

Whether you're embarking on your LeSS journey or you're already a seasoned aficionado, our diverse program is designed to spark inspiration, foster networking, and propel growth.

Mark your calendars for 26+27 September and stay tuned! The LeSS world is extending an invitation for you to join a gathering like no other, where learning, collaboration, and innovation intersect. Don’t let this unique chance to deepen your understanding, expand your network, and contribute to the evolving LeSS community pass you by. Start your adventure by visiting to register. We’re eager to welcome you and explore the vast possibilities of Large Scale Scrum together. The future of LeSS is bright, see you in Madrid!

Call for talk submissions, Madrid 2024

As the LeSS 2024 Conference is coming to the vibrant city of Madrid, and we want you to be at the heart of it! We invite you to not just attend but actively contribute to a gathering that's all about sharing, learning, and growing together in the world of Large-Scale Scrum. Talks, workshops, games, all are good! 

Why Submit Your Talk?

The LeSS Conference is not just another industry event; it's a community-driven platform where each voice matters, especially yours! We're looking for inspiring talks, interactive workshops, and engaging games that bring fresh perspectives to the table. Here's why your submission could make all the difference:

  • A Spotlight for Non-CLTs: We're keen to hear from our Certified LeSS Practitioners. While Certified LeSS Trainers have their space, this is your chance to shine and share your insights and experiences.

  • Real-Life Over Theory: We believe in the power of storytelling and tangible examples. If you've navigated the challenges of LeSS adoptions, transformed your workplace, or innovated within your teams, your real-life examples are gold. Bring your stories to life with photos, boards, videos, and more.

  • Seeking the Unique: Have you been working on something groundbreaking? We're on the lookout for unique talks and workshops that haven't been heard before. Surprise us, challenge us, inspire us!

  • Beyond Textbook LeSS: If your work builds on, uses, or complements LeSS principles in novel ways, we want to hear about it. LeSS 'adjacent' submissions are more than welcome.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Our aim is to make this conference as inclusive as possible. We want to showcase a diverse array of topics and stories from different industries and perspectives. Your voice is crucial in making this a reality.

The deadline for submissions is the end of March, but why wait? The earlier you submit, the more time we have to work together to polish your presentation and prepare for an unforgettable conference experience.

How to Submit?

Simply head to our information & submission page here and fill out your proposal. The process is straightforward, but the impact you can make is profound.

If you are unsure if your proposal meets these guidelines, or are seeking guidance generally around your submission, please don’t hesitate to email!

LeSS Labs announcement 

Dive into the world of innovation with LeSS Labs, our pioneering forum crafted exclusively for the passionate practitioners of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS).

Designed as a beacon for both seasoned coaches and newcomers embarking on their LeSS journey, LeSS Labs offers a unique sanctuary to safely experiment, share, and hone your methodologies, patterns, and practices. Imagine a space where your innovative ideas and experiences are not just welcomed but are the keystones in shaping the practices of tomorrow. This is your chance to collaborate with like-minded peers, uncover new perspectives, and challenge the conventional boundaries of agile methodologies.

Currently, we're rolling out LeSS Labs within the Candidate Trainer Community, meticulously fine-tuning our approach to ensure the most enriching and productive experience for all participants.

Our goal is to soon open the doors to the entire CLP, CLE and CLB  community, inviting a broader spectrum of agile enthusiasts to join this collaborative quest.

Join Forces with the LeSS Community - A Special Invitation for Community Leaders/Catalysts

As we continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of Large Scale Scrum and Organizational Design, your role in weaving the fabric of our community has never been more crucial. Your dedication to fostering spaces for learning, sharing, and growth has kept the essence of LeSS vibrant, making our collective journey a source of inspiration and continuous improvement. Whether you're at the helm of meetups, conferences, podcasts, or any platform that brings our community together, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Today, I extend a heartfelt invitation to each of you who are steering these invaluable community engagements. Whether your focus is solely on LeSS, you frequently include LeSS topics, or you're intrigued by the prospect of integrating LeSS into your future events, I'd love to hear from you. My aim is to cultivate a network where we can all share announcements, seek speakers, propose topics, support one another in enriching our community's learning experience and LeSS can help support in promoting your efforts.

I invite you to reach out directly to me at Let's discuss how we can collaborate, share our successes, and navigate our challenges collectively. Together, we have the opportunity to not only enhance our individual platforms but also to weave a richer, more interconnected community that stands as a beacon for innovation and shared success in the realm of Large Scale Product Development and beyond.

Warm regards,