Creating Agile Organizations

What is most important for management to understand about creating an Agile organization? That you understand that an organizational design is a primary factor in supporting or limiting the people’s possibility to adapt to customer demand effectively.

When an organization concludes that it needs to become an Agile organization, many of its current capabilities might no longer be needed or sufficient for success. In that case, the employees need to redesign the organization into one that allows it to build the necessary capabilities over time. A redesign includes rethinking:

Structure: Which organizational units, such as departments, groups, and teams, are required? How are work and responsibilities divided among those units?

Processes and integration: How do the units and roles relate to each other and collaborate?

People: Which behaviours and values bring the structure to life? Which team and employee skills and capabilities are needed?

Based on Cesario's latest book: Creating Agile Organizations, in this session, we explore three critical Agile organization design guidelines that help during transformation initiatives.

We will start at 19:00 with pizzas and some drinks before the talk

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