End-of-Year LeSS MeetUp, with Craig Larman

his event is brought to you by Large Scale Scrum Community of NYC and NYC Scrum User Group.

Please come and join the LeSS community of NYC to greet the co-founder of Large Scale Scrum - Craig Larman.  

While in NYC, delivering Certified LeSS Practitioner course (the last one from him for a while and some tickets are still remaining), Craig will also come to our monthly meetup.  

Craig would like to engage in a discussion about system dynamics and system modeling in complex organizational settings.  

Here is the thesis of this meetup:  "What does it mean to own versus rent an organizational system, and why is owning it important? How to cultivate this culture and mindset, especially in large groups? How to prevent the cognitive bias of eagerly embracing and “owning” a local optimization (such as “we love having a separate testing/UI/architecture/component/… group”) that is inconsistent with the global system optimization goals?"





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