Establish Continuous Improvement culture in your organization

UPDATE: MOVED TO 1JUNE2020 and we hope to face it face-2-face


This is the third workshop of a mini series of 3 workshops focusing on the topic of Continuous Improvement in companies.

Establishing Continuous Improvement is the only way to transform the culture of a large organization. When properly done, it will also solve the challenges of growing the coaching capacity, leading the coach community, and creating an approach that works at both team and organizational level.

We will first study what is the problem to be solved, and typical failure patterns in large transformations. Then we study the key patterns and critical choices along the path. There is time to reflect the related experiences of the participants.


Ari, Ran & Wolfi


1800 - 1830 Networking
1830 - 2030 Workshop
2030 - 2100 Networking

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