Findex Digital LeSS adoption

Do you think an executive playing the Product Owner role, remote self-designing team workshops and a multi-team Product Backlog Refinement session is fictional ? Think again. It is currently happening fairly close to home. Let us get real with an actual example LeSS adoption. We will be having a "fireside" discussion with Sam Peacock and Rowan Bunning to find out more about this LeSS adoption a few months in. Come prepared with questions and curiosity around how a large organisation is brave enough to give this a go.

--- About Sam ---
Sam is the Digital Products Lead at Findex Digital. Sam has extensive experience as a Product Manager, but more recently has implemented LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) at Findex Digital and served the self-designed feature teams as a Scrum Master.
Findex is one of the largest privately-owned providers of integrated financial advisory and accounting services, with more than 100 locations throughout Australasia. Leveraging our strengths in people and technology, Findex Digital is a team of 100+ based across Australia and New Zealand who come together as self-organising and cross-functional feature teams to build disruptive fintech software that addresses gaps in large-scale markets.

--- About Rowan ---
As an Agile Coach and consultant, Rowan Bunning has been involved with LeSS-based multi-team Scrum adoptions since early 2008 (well before it was called LeSS) whilst working for Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn's European partner consultancy. Rowan has repeatedly taken leaders on a journey toward more deeply understanding their organisation and its improvement goals in a way that sets the stage for informed consent and potentially a LeSS adoption.
Rowan is one of the most experienced Agile trainers in the region having led approximately 500 Scrum certification courses in Australia, Asia and New Zealand through Equinox IT and his Australian company Scrum WithStyle.

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