How to do a LeSS Adoption?

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While LeSS is not hard to understand, it is counterintuitive for organizations. It usually requires structural changes of which the importance is often underestimated. After many many LeSS adoptions, we know what changes and decisions need to be made in your adoption. Not making these changes will lead to predictable problems.

A typical LeSS adoption requires a preparation phase in which certain decisions need to be made. Following that the change is made which is also referred to as the flip. The change is only the beginning and the first six months will require gradual improvement.

This talk describes a typical LeSS adoption. It will cover:

  • The main decisions to be made in the preparation phase.
  • Usual activities done during the flip.
  • What the improvement focus should be the first six months.
  • What the continuous improvement paths are afterwards.

This talk does assume the audience has understanding of how LeSS works.

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