Innovation and Contracting? Heaven or Hell?

Innovations are needed for every company to sustain in time and competition. But to innovate is risky and expensive in many ways. One typical approach is to invite other companies to join the “innovating my product” effort. But how to structure this “invitation”? By contract? By a new firm? And how do we collaborate across different legal entities; what are benefits; which are the drawbacks; what are the ruling from legal perspective.

Can LeSS organizational design help? In short: Yes, but details are crucial and not obvious.

(This is no legal advice; if you are in need of legal advice, please contact a legal professional)

In this LeSS meetup session Michael Mai will give a short introduction in the forces at play. Aspects and quirks of the German Labor Law and German Company Law is reflected on the need for close collaboration to innovate.

(A link to the online meetup in Microsoft Teams will be provided before the event)

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