Introduction to LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) - VIRTUAL EVENT


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Event Session Description:

LeSS is a DE-scaling framework (although it has the word 'scale' in it).

It is also, organizational design framework that helps to address core elements of organizational design: HR policies, finance/budgeting, vendor management, site strategies - areas that are not too comfortable for many companies to address.

System and Lean thinking drive understanding of LeSS.
LeSS is not about: 'best practices', maturity metrics, RAGs, KPIs, tools, and operating models.

LeSS 3 adoption principles are:
1. Deep and Narrow (not broad and shallow)
2. Top - Bottom + Bottom - Up.
3. By Volunteering only

What does this mean?

Some uncomfortable questions that will be answered:
1. Why so few agile trainers and coaches truly understand LeSS and
teach it to clients?
2. Why large consultancies don't bother teaching LeSS to their clients?
3. Why LeSS adoptions are not so widespread?

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