Introduction to Systems thinking: An interactive workshop

In both our personal and professional journeys, we often encounter persistent issues that seem to repeat again and again despite our best efforts to overcome them. Mysteriously, the harder we try to resolve these issues, the more entrenched they appear to become.

What if there was a way to delve deeper, to uncover the true root causes of these recurring issues, beyond the immediate and visible symptoms?

Systems thinking offers a transformative lens through which we can better re-assess challenges, escape repetitive pitfalls, and innovate with comprehensive solutions. It has been instrumental in advancing strategic thinking across sectors, from enhancing business operations and governmental policies to addressing pressing global concerns like climate change,

During our interactive workshop, we will unveil the essentials of systems thinking, guiding you through its key principles and methodologies. You will learn how to apply this expansive viewpoint specifically within the realms of software and product development.

Together we will explore how this approach can enrich your problem-solving toolkit, offering fresh insights into product management, team dynamics, and even code architecture.

The event is graciously hosted by Xebia in their Hilversum location, and they will offer us some food and drinks.

Event Photos