Large Scale Scrum Case Study presentation and discussion

Come and here Greg Hutchings, founder of Amelior Services ( share a case study of the agile transformation at, the online gaming company where Greg served as group head of product governance and also led a large scale transformation.  Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) was taught and used to restructure this 3000 person company in all major locations.

There will be an extensive Q&A discussion.  Please sign up on the Meetup site shown below if you would like to attend.

The event is at no charge.   It may also help you to decide if you would like to attend the Certified LeSS Practitioner training Greg is giving March 30-April 1 in Bucharest!

Here is a link to the event space.   Please sign up at

Please note that there is no effect by clicking the LeSS works website button, below, other than logging statistics.  You need to go to the Meetup site to reserve your space.

See you there!



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