LeSS in banks

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As you probably already know, banks are not known to be the most accessible environment to bring adaptiveness (another word for agility).

Viktor has introduced LeSS-like, LeSS, and LeSS Huge in various financial institutions:

  • Société Générale in Asia - Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Natixis in Asia - Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Nationale Nederlanden in Netherlands - Bank part
  • Crypto.com - eh…. :-)
  • Jago - Indonesian retail bank
  • BNPP in Asia - corporate and investment banking

Some worked out quite well, some partially, and some didn’t. In this talk, Viktor will address some critical aspects of bringing real adaptiveness to banking. Many of the lessons learned the hard way during those adoptions, such as:

  • Necessary elements and steps before, during, and after the flip. Specific to banks.
  • How to ensure that management owns the change, including the board members. What happens if management and the board of directors only rent the change?
  • Dealing with roles obsession (countless roles with different levels of importance)
  • Dealing with individual performance appraisals and bonuses
  • Defining the financial services product and working towards it (how many products does a bank have?)

The talk should be interactive, where I can also focus on specific LeSS in banks questions over the above topics.

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