LeSS Talks: Most Common mistakes in Product Ownership

This event is on AUGUST 4TH NYC Time


A few days ago, my colleague and collaborator Viktor GrgIc - Certified LeSS Practitioner and Trainer from Hong Kong, brought to a global LeSS community a very interesting graphic (below).  The graphic was filled with fun, irony and deep meaning and generated a lot of ad hoc brainstorming among coaches and trainers in LeSS community.  

Viktor and I have decided to join our efforts and write a post on this topic in the upcoming weeks.   

At this time I would like to bring this subject to all of you and offer it for our next meet-up.   Please, come with ideas and questions....and maybe some answers.  Lets brainstorm this together.  I have a lot of info to share but still need your help:).

Thanks, gene

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