LeSS Thurs

Social evening  for all the CLP and parties interested in LeSS to meetup and share stories from the trenches.

Its also got healthy focus on the MoRE beer aspect side of life.  


The upstairs private room is booked out for us we even have our own bar and options to get food. I am thinking  we can keep it informal maybe do a brief chat and  then break off into groups.

If any of the group have people interested in LeSS but not CLP, please bring them along just let me know so we can make sure everyone can be seated. 

Looking forward to evening. 



Hi All,

Hope everyone is looking forward to the first LeSS Thurs evening on the 30th April.
In order to provide some focus on the evening have put together a topic for discussion : 
The pursuit of LeSS 

Possible areas to explore :  
What it means to be a LeSS Organisation? 
What have CLPs seen when introducing  LeSS?
Anti pattern for LeSS?  

On the night lets decided on how we what to run the evening but the main thing is having some fun with some learning and knowledge sharing. 


Event Photos