Liberating Structure Bucharest

Our March 2nd event will feature two special guest facilitators, John Coleman and Mario Latreille.

Using Liberating Structures, we will be exploring the topics of personal growth / development and coaching ourselves.

The string will include:

1) Impromptu Networking
2) 25:10 Crowd Sourcing
3) Ecocycle Planning
4) Troika Consulting

Objectives and expected outcomes for the session:

1) Introduction to personal development mentoring/coaching techniques; you will gain some experience in personal development and growth techniques by completing hands-on exercises with your peers in the seminar

2) Understand future actions to take in evolving skills and capabilities for yourself and your organization; gain insight into understanding the impediments to professional growth

3) Gain some experience in playing the role of a mentor/coach in the interactive coaching sessions.

Event Photos