Online - An interview with an iconoclast - John Seddon (Vanguard Method fame)

Online - An interview with an iconoclast - John Seddon (Vanguard Method fame)

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a person who attacks or criticizes cherished beliefs or institutions.
critic, skeptic, questioner, heretic, nonconformist, dissident, dissenter, dissenting, malcontent, rebel, subversive, renegade, mutineer, maverick, original, innovator


John Coleman here -- I’ve been following John Seddon, he’s a "marmite character"… I’m in the ‘like’ camp…

"Marmite" is used in reference to something that tends to arouse strongly positive or negative reactions rather than indifference: the styling is 'Marmite' — some hate it, many love it. For example, a proper Marmite sitcom, which people are either utterly loving or totally despising.


John Seddon wrote many books including the latest book Beyond Command & Control available on Amazon in physical or audible formats. I suggest audible even though I read the physical book, as John Seddon himself narrates the book. In the book, John Seddon is quite harsh about Agile, and Scrum in particular.

The description of the book on Amazon at says the following:

This book offers to solve the UK productivity conundrum, dramatically improve health and care services while reducing their cost and much more besides. And it is no promise or dream; it is evidenced by those who have followed John's prescription, which is to change the way they think about management. Beyond Command and Control exposes the fallacies in command-and-control management (and they are not what people expect them to be). It also gives practical illustrations of what it has taken for leaders of service organizations to cross a management-thinking Rubicon. The results are compelling, the means unusual.


Be a fly on the wall for a chat between John Seddon and John Coleman about this wonderful 5-star rated book, the new Vanguard Method online learning options, and what else is going on in John Seddon's world.

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