Panel: Implementing LeSS in Large-Scale Environments

Large-Scale product development is ubiquitus. Large-Scale usually brings in additional complexity, non-linear behavior and risk. In the pursuit of predictability, control and risk aversion, most organizations end up adding complexity to their context instead of reducing it. Making things worse.

In this Panel session, you the audience bring your real world challenges and burning questions related to Large-Scale Product Development, Lage-Scale Scrum (LeSS), De-scaling Organizational Complexity, System Thinking, Lean Thinking, Scaling Scrum to multiple teams etc.

We've three expert LeSS practitioners on the panel. They'll share their experiences to your challenges.

Our Panelists are:

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, CLP, Certified LeSS Trainer
Josef Sherer, CLP
Kamlesh Ravlani, CLP, Candidate LeSS Trainer

- There will be no ppt presentation. This will be an interactive session. The audience bring their question, the panelists will share their insights in response to these questions.
- Tea/Coffee and light snacks will be served at the beginning of the meetup.
- Would you like to join the Panel and share your rich experience applying and benefiting from LeSS? Awesome!! Reach out to the organizer - Kamlesh by 11th Oct.

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