Satir's Process for Change

Life is full of happenings, like lost a job, facing organisation restructure, taking a test, argue with your colleague, hear new information, missed the train, said something hurtful and etc. Sometimes it causes behavioural patterns and coping that aren't helpful.

"People are capable of change" ~ Virginia Satir

In this evening session, we're going to visit a process for change based on Satir's teachings. It consists of six phases: making contact, validating, facilitating awareness, promoting acceptance, making change and reinforcing change. You get to learn how the phases can guide you in leading through change.

This is part of a two-day personal growth workshop, Leading Self on 30-31 March 2023.

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  • 6:30pm - Welcome and reception
  • 7:00pm - Start
  • 8:30pm - End

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