Scrum Event & Lance Dacy (CST) Present: Practical Prioritization Techniques for an Agile Roadmap

Scrum Event & Lance Dacy (CST) Present: Practical Prioritization Techniques for an Agile Roadmap
If your organisation has put the effort into brainstorming new product ideas, finding opportunities for improvement, and collecting feedback from your users, you’ll have a solid product roadmap full of good ideas.
But the order in which we should tackle those ideas deserves just as much thought. You need to take the time to prioritize and gain alignment with your stakeholders as well.
What are some common reasons that make prioritizing a product roadmap so difficult (I'd love to hear from you too)?

  • It’s tempting to focus on clever ideas, instead of projects that directly impact your goals.
  • It’s satisfying to work on pet ideas you’d use yourself, instead of projects with broad reach.
  • It’s exciting to dive into new ideas, instead of projects that you’re already confident about.
  • It’s easy to discount the additional effort that one project will require over another.
  • It's hard to manage the political aspects of a HIPPO prioritization process (the highest-paid person's opinion wins)

Join Lance Dacy, Certified Scrum Trainer of Big Agile to learn some of the common facilitation techniques to manage alignment of priorities with our stakeholders as well as determining how to distribute your team's capacity over a few budget categories.
This will provide visibility into our product's other needs outside of new features.

Lance is dynamic, experienced management and technical professional with the proven ability to energize teams, plan with vision, and establish results in a fast-paced, customer-focused environment.
He is a Certified Scrum Trainer® with the Scrum Alliance® which includes all underlying Advanced and Professional Certifications as well. Lance comes equipped with a great personality and servant heart that truly helps build cross-functional teams. Given his fun personality, overall size and appearance, he has come to be known as Big Agile ;)

18:30 - 18:45 - Event Welcome & Networking
18.45 - 19:45 - Event Topic Begins
19.45 - 20:00 - Event Questions & Networking
20.00 - Event Ends

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