Self-designing teams in large agile projects

How would you plan and execute a reorganisation of a large agile team? How long would/should it take? Would you rather plan it bottom-up or top-down? Or maybe both? How do you convince people to change roles, teams or tasks? What is your responsibility as a leader? As a team member?

After two years of developing in an agile multi-team (5 feature implementing teams and 4 „cross-cutting“ teams) project at a major German car manufacturer, a transition to true feature teams was inevitable. The project heads on the manufacturer's side decided to do a reorganization of the project. The agile coaches onboard could convince them to hand over the process of reorganization to the teams themselves rather than planning it on the management level. They organized a „Self-Designing Team Workshop", where project members formed their own teams. It took less than half a day to successfully reorganize a large project with about 100 people. 

Mark Bregenzer, principal consultant at Valtech GmbH created and executed the workshop and will report on this experience of self-desinging teams at scale.

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