System Thinking in Action with Mark Bregenzer

After having Craig Larman at the LeSS Community Munich kickoff introducing Systems Thinking and Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD) we will deepen System Thinking in another hands-on session at this LeSS Meetup. Some participants gave feedback about difficulties in finding right variables and their related links or getting real benefit from the modelling activities. 

So in this LeSS Meetup we will work on how to “find useful variables”, on how to “getting started with CLDs” and on how to “expand CLDs”. Focusing on system optimization goals and eliminating waste in your system.

We encourage you to bring your own situations or systems you would like to improve. We would like you to practice on your real systems to get out the most benefit. But we will provide some real system examples, as well. So that you can experience the practices independent if you are able to share your business insides or not.

Looking forward to another inspiring LeSS Meetup with lots of practices, working with you on CLDs, having valuable conversations and creating new insides for all of us.


Networking Start 19:00

Session Start 19:30

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