Why LeSS and Where does it Come From

*A webinar on "Why LeSS and Where does it Come From", Saturday, May 23, 6PM IST* Register here - https://lnkd.in/g5uUAxR

Lots of people want to understand LeSS, its nuances and how it's different than SAFe. Here's an opportunity as Viktor Grgic, a friend and a Certified LeSS Trainer will have an online session dedicated to LeSS.

During this session Viktor will tell a story on the purpose of LeSS, how did it came about and what makes it different from especially SAFe. He will share real life examples he was involved in on how LeSS is adopted in several industries (banking, shipping, autonomous driving)

About Viktor

Viktor is an Agile Coach, software developer and Certified LeSS trainer with 22 years of experience in delivering enterprise systems and Agile adoptions.

He brings Agile adoption and practices on organizational (management & product ownership), team and technical (software development practices and operations) level.

In addition to LeSS, Viktor writes papers, blogs, and gives classes on the subject of IT architecture and Agile. Prabhat Verma, Vatsalya Jain, Sunil Sowani

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