Why LeSS? with Ben Maynard & Bas Vodde

There are many reasons why an organisation could choose to use LeSS or LeSS Huge. There are an equal number — if not more — reasons why an organisation should not.

LeSS succeeds when the goals of an organisation align to the optimisation goals of the LeSS framework: easy, cheap and reliable adaptation while always working on the newly found highest value item.

When your goals are aligned with LeSS, many Agile promises and dreams can come true. When those goals do not align (or people have mistaken beliefs about LeSS) using the framework can be more of a nightmare.

In this talk, Bas Vodde, the co-creator of LeSS. and Ben Maynard, the UK only’s Certified LeSS Trainer and Coach, will be sharing stories of LeSS adoptions that went well and those that went not so well Join us for this in-depth conversation, and discover “Why LeSS” either helped or hindered the organisation in each example.

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