“Bavarian culture” conference pre-event: Hike to the Andechs monastery

Edward and me are planning a “bavarian culture” pre-event for Wednesday with a hike to the Andechs monastery.

You are welcome to join us!


We make a small hike to Andechs monastery, for the brewery beergarden. Andechs is widely known for it’s brewery of the monks but is also producing its own selection of cheese, meat&sausage and spirits.

Before we go up there (3-4km hike) we will use the public transport to get to Herrsching and there we will start with a Weißwurst breakfast at the steamboat landing directly at the Ammersee.


We meet at 8.45 AM at the main station at the stairs to the S-Bahn (our contact information will follow) and use the S-Bahn “S8” to Herrsching at 09.00. Tickets need to be bought before entering the S-Bahn.


Andechs webpage: https://andechs.de/en/

location of Herrsching steamboat landing: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Herrsching,+Dampfersteg/@47.9953528,11.1681237,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x479c32b5e08a148d:0x496e46f752632263!8m2!3d47.9953492!4d11.1703124

location of Andechs monastery:




This is not an official event, and you may join only at your own risk as participant. Especially since there might be a lot of beer involved.

We can only take over the coordination and guidance. Each participant pays for oneself, but we may arrange group tickets for the public transport to Herrsching am Ammersee at the foot of Andechs.

You should be prepared for the forecasted weather conditions (wind/rain/sun) and have some outdoor footwork for a stroll. 

In case of heavy rain, we may cancel the trip and just go for a local beergarden restaurant in Munich not too far from the city center.

Event Photos