Certified ScrumMaster® CSM® Jun Live-Online

This event has been cancelled.

Learn Scrum by Using Scrum

In this two-day, hands-on workshop, you'll learn Scrum by using Scrum, the most widely-used form of Agile. Short, focused presentations cover the Values, Roles, Artifacts and Events of Scrum. Beyond the basics, we also explore Scrum in action - facilitating team interactions, working with the team's Backlog of work, and getting work "Done" (or perhaps it's Done-Done)!

Get Hands-On Experience with Scrum

This course is not a Powerpoint snooze-fest. You will reinforce concepts through multiple immersive exercises, including a building a simulated product using Scrum.  Get a taste of what you'll experience, and how fast the in person workshop progresses in this time-lapse video of one of the key workshop exercises:


By the conclusion of this dynamic workshop - you will be prepared with the skills, knowledge, and experience to not only explain Scrum to colleagues, clients or interviewers, but also to put Scrum into action with your team. Become a catalyst for change by helping your teams and programs apply these concepts to become resilient, learning organizations able to thrive in today’s emerging markets.

Here's what students say about the online workshop:

"It's absolute genius as a learning paradigm for people who will be coaching teams to self-organize." -- Kelley D.

"This workshop is artfully designed to give attendees immersive learning experiences where they don't even realize they're learning Scrum!" -- Anonymous

"it was interesting (self reflection) to see how uncomfortable I was without clear direction and then how I learned to adapt and actually perform. You're a fantastic teacher and I sincerely appreciate the time, skill, and empathy that you apply to your teaching. I've learned way more than I bargained for! :)"  -- Dina R.

"Bernie’s classes are inspiring, engaging, some of the most fun I’ve had in a classroom while learning and practicing leadership. I highly recommend this course." -- Michelle W.

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