Personal Profile

Alexander Menzinsky VollmuhtAgile Coach & Trainer
Alcalá de Henares, Spain

I started my professional career in IT in 1988, and in 1997 I consolidated myself leading IT management projects, including banking and financial management projects. In 2008 I had my first Agile experiences including Scrum practices in project management.

2014 was a great year in which I consolidated myself as a trainer and expert in Scrum and Kanban. As a trainer, I organize and teach about twenty courses per year in both classroom and on-line modalities for Estratecno. I am a volunteer on-line tutor of basic and advanced training for Scrum Manager (free training for the largest spanish-speaking community, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina... with more than 400 tutored professionals each year). As an Agile Coach, I have carried out transversal transformation activities and as a Scrum Master I have accompanied IT teams in several companies, mainly in the insurance sector.

I am currently developing as an Agile Coach and Systems Coach, as expert in scaled Agile frameworks, including SAFe, LeSS and the Spotify model. Since 2017 I feel fullness being focused on the accompaniment of tribes of 8 to 10 teams, including IT tribes, like Big Data, and business tribes, like Customer Service, in the telecommunications sector, specifically for Orange.

I am passionate about dealing extensively with Agile and Lean possibilities in large traditional environments and defining and implementing transformation strategies, in both dimensions, the cultural and in the operational dimension.

I do not work, I enjoy, my DNA is Agile.