Personal Profile

Ari TikkaLeSS Coach
Helsinki, Finnland
Gosei Oy

Ari provides coaching, training, and consultation for Agile Teams, Product Owners, Adoption Leaders, and executives. He has worked in the software business since 1990, including seven years of developing fault-tolerant embedded real-time systems.

1997 Ari became a full­-time organizational therapist, earning profound experience in leading individuals, group dynamics, and organizational culture. He co-led three-year cultural change for 1 000 people organization and delivered a ten-day training program for 150 Nokia program managers.

Since 2006 Ari has worked with Agile Adoptions in telecom, car, medical, financial, game, and heavy metal sectors. He is working with international Large­-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptions, and contributing actively to the framework. Ari has successfully applied LeSS wisdom in unusual cases. For the last years, he has been coaching the German car industry full-time.

In private life, Ari listens to classical music, lifts iron, plays ice hockey, and sits in Zen meditation.