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London, Regno Unito
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Ben has coached, trained and been passionate about software and people since 2009. 

Passionate about organisational culture and design that enables the creation of value both for an organisation’s customers and its's people I always want to know are we building the right Product and are we building it in the right way.

As one of the UK's longest-standing and most experienced LeSS Trainers and coaches, he has continually experimented with ways to create an effective balance an organisations desires for control, collaboration, predictability and innovation through educating, coaching and leading organisational transformations to get more with LeSS.

The key catalyst to all of this has been an obsessional focus on the growth of people at all levels of an organisation so that they can be effective and successful in achieving the organisations and their own personal goals.


Educating people has been a passion of mine for the last 20 years and over that time my approach to training has matured alongside me. Since becoming a Training from the Back of the Room Certified Trainer 3 years ago I have been using the guidance provided by Sharon Bowman to create training that is filled with movement, conversation and opportunities to reflect.

Since becoming a LeSS Trainer 3 years ago I have certified over 340 people across Scotland, England, India, Romania and Russia. Through this, I have honed my Certified LeSS Practitioner material and delivery to a point where it consistently provides an interactive and thought-provoking three days.

Community builder

I started my first community 5 years ago and have not stopped promoting, nurturing and creating them. Communities are so hugely effective for organisations when on an agile journey as they harness the intelligence, experience and emotions of the group of people and turn them (in most cases) to solve a problem, learning and connecting to people in a social environment.

Software enthusiast

Good quality code created by skilled and enthusiastic people makes all things agile so much simpler. Any process and structure you have around dealing with situations can be removed over time as they become surplus to requirements, For me agile is nothing without quality software so getting involved with teams and hearing their ideas for improvements and growth is mandatory. How these ideas bear fruit, well that depends on the culture and structure of the organisation, but it's my job to make sure they get heard and if valuable made real.

Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitating for Change

Over the years I have worked heavily on my skills to help leaders and teams find their own way on their agile (or other) journey. I believe understanding why we are on the journey, being able to distinguish what we want to do with how we intend to do it. With why acting as our compass real reflection can be facilitated to realise where we are now and what our next step will be. I am able to start this and continuing it by skilfully balancing education, coaching, mentoring and facilitating