Personal Profile

Denis SunnyExecutive Consultant and Trainer
Lisbon, Португалія

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Denis Sunny is a trainer and consultant specialising in transforming organisations for high adaptability. He chose this focus due to being a critical systems thinker who values logic, real-life experiences, and scientific research over the magic words of nice marketing speeches.

At the moment, he has three main focuses:

  • As a Certified DAO Trainer, he provides the certified course Designing Agile Organisations.
  • As a Co-creator of ORCA Facilitation™, he shares his expertise in Organizational Root-Cause Analysis with innovative methods and tools.
  • As a Candidate LeSS Trainer, he finalises his case study.

In his career spanning over two decades in banking, fintech, automotive, and digital industries, Denis executed various roles across technical, process, product, and people-focused domains while holding positions ranging up to senior management. As a result, he gained insights into how organisations function from multiple perspectives.

Over the last ten years, he has focused on helping organisations transform to unlock their potential in achieving strategic goals. While collaborating with organisations of diverse sizes, ranging from small startups to industry giants such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Deutsche Bank, he has come to appreciate the unique nature of each company within its specific context. Thus, Denis does not believe in the effectiveness of one-size-fits-all approaches. Yet, another crucial discovery was that overarching laws of organisational behaviour consistently apply. Denis witnessed how high adaptability created a crucial competitive advantage, while its absence led companies to falter. This has become increasingly evident in recent years.

Therefore, Denis’s mission is: the more organisations achieve high adaptability, the more their products and services will delight their customers; ultimately, more people will be happier as customers, shareholders, and employees. Denis invites you to join him in making this world a happier place together.