Personal Profile

Ealden EscañanAgile Coach
Tokyo, Japan

Ealden Escañan is the Odd-e Agile and Software Development Coach in the Philippines.  He is a Certified Scrum Professional and Certified Agile Leadership I with 15 years experience in helping organizations become Agile.  His strong background in software development leads him to focus on teams to enable organizational agility.

Ealden specializes in the Scrum Framework, Extreme Programming, and modern software engineering practices.  He applies team coaching, complexity theory, and problem solving leadership in his coaching work.

Ealden works with product teams, coaching Product Owners, Scrum Masters, leaders, and software developers in agility.  He draws from his extensive experience in working with large organizations to small startups, in a wide range of industries, on an organizational, team, and technical level.

Ealden organizes Agile Philippines, a Filipino community in pursuit of software engineering excellence powered by Agile Software Development.  The community meets every last Wednesday of a month to network, learn, and further agility in the Philippines.

Ealden also organizes LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Philippines and Software Crafters Manila, and supports other communities in the Philippines.

Ealden shares his thoughts on agility and at