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Neuilly-sur-Seine, Франція

Greg is an expert in new product development and organizational improvement, providing training, coaching and consulting.  He is the founder of Amelior Services, and leads our training and consulting practices.  He can help you to lead change in your teams and organization with an emphasis on improving organizational design, strategy and leadership skills, as well as product management and development capability.  

He is qualified to teach and coach Agile, Large Scale Scrum (see, Lean thinking and Innovation Games® (see and has worked in the domains of Automotive and Autonomous Driving, Startup and New Product Development, Luxury goods, Digital Entertainment, e-Commerce, Finance, Industrials, Education, High tech and Telecoms.  He has led the agile and lean transformation of many large companies over the past 10 years.  His diverse experience provides you with alternative perspectives for introducing change and focusing on what is most important to improve first.   Greg works with a global network of highly experienced coaches and trainers which permits Amelior Services to offer large companies an integrated, experienced and high quality, dynamic team to provide for their training and coaching needs.


While working with BMW I taught many CLPs, worked with teams, SMs, and the senior management team to help absorb and adapt LeSS within the organisation, and worked especially closely with product management, the PO and APOs to understand and apply LeSS. I facilitated the first product roadmap workshop for autonomous driving and put in place a new process for this longer term planning need, supported improved estimation, improved communities of practice and the alignment of developer community priorities with product management priorities, and also worked broadly with many entities internally and externally to align to the development of autonomous driving using LeSS (electrical engineering, design function, external suppliers, etc.).  Great experience and am glad to have been a part of it!