Personal Profile

Josef SchererAgile Coach
Munich, Germany

Currently I'm working as an Agile Coach and Trainer for the Agile Global Center of Allianz Technology.

I, Josef Scherer (Valtech Delivery Director Agile Consulting at that time), was a Technical and Agile Coach from August 2013 to March 2014 in the BMW USP project. I coached developers, teams and managers with a focus on the collaboration of the Development Teams regarding their coding and testing activities. I introduced the idea of the testing pyramid and corresponding metrics to the organization, to improve the quality and speed of the feedback cycles of the CI system. I also inspired Mark Bregenzer and the Valtech Coaching Team to try the self-designing team workshop and helped preparing and co-facilitating it. To see self-organization work with multiple teams at this scale was one of the greatest experiences I ever had as an Agile Coach. Thanks to Mark and my fellow Agile Coaches for making this possible!