Personal Profile

I have 17 years of working in IT and banking sector , a track record of delivering successful projects, and proven expertise in managing the operations team which requires a lot of analytics skills. At the same time, I have developed my communication skills from working directly with senior managers, which means I am well prepared to work on high-profile sales and operation team. It’s not just my background leading successful projects and running operation team in IT fields — or my people skills, which have helped me develop great relationships with stake holders, vendors, and senior managers alike. But I’m also passionate about this industry and I’m driven to deliver high-quality work
I developed extensive skills in working with peers, senior managers and stake holders. I'm excellent at coordinating operations and business review meetings to meet standard in align with company goals and missions.

I help managers & team members reclaim time spent on needless waiting and make time to ponder deeply on what matters most to run & evolve their business.

Throughout my career, I have noticed persistent patterns of how people work that lead people to constantly battling for each other’s time & attention in order to address almost endless demands coming from multiple fronts. And I see that everyone is doing the best they possibly could to meet those demands with a reactive sense of urgency, but all of this comes with a heavy price of doing many at once and risks barely finishing. Delays ensue.

I consider this as a two-pronged issue of alignment-commitment & local optimization, and this raise two questions we tend to be all too familiar with, “What exactly is the priority?” and “When will this be done?”. You can probably hear who says what, and this opens the opportunity to inquire what strategy, goals & initiatives the company has and how they are created and flow. Reinforcing this issue that is worth investigating is the normative belief that has traces of 20th century industrial mode of work that may be relevant then but not for the present-day knowledge work.

Hence, it is a clarion call for managers to release the teams to manage themselves effectively —by rather working on the system for them to successfully do so, dealing with dependencies, & having trackers to sense that. I can offer help and work with you on and around that, while not taking for granted the teams on the ground by guiding them through a different way of working that aims towards excellence, being lean, & naturally adaptive