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How do you transform an organization to produce better products in just a few months?

True Business Agility necessitates a cultural shift. The journey to Business Agility requires a deep understanding of lean and agile thinking tools as well as efficient organizational redesign. Process is everything, and getting this right is what is so important for our clients. Fast and simple yet successful Scrum and LeSS adoptions promote a cultural shift. How?

The foundation for successful agile adoptions:

  1. Focus on the why, before changing the system
  2. Secure all-round strong alignment, agreement, and united support from the senior management team as well as the teams
  3. Simplify the organizational structure and policies at the beginning of the adoption

To learn more about the key thinking and organizational tools to create a foundation for your lean enterprise, take a look at, the three LeSS books, or visit a LeSS Certified Practitioner Course. If you want to accelerate your journey, avoid the many pitfalls along the way, reach out to us for a free consultation. We have successfully guided many lean and agile adoptions for small, large, multisite, and offshore product development groups, and have helped organizations reach higher levels of success.


With over 20 years of experience in software development, I drive change for both smaller ambitious companies and global brands looking to dramatically improve their productivity.

  • A change agent for 15+ years as consultant and coach working for over 30 companies, including DAX-listed global brands such as adidas, BMW, BP, Dr. Oetker, Henkel, Hilti, Hugo Boss, SAP, Volkswagen, and ZF.
  • Successfully guided an adoption of Large-Scale Scrum for over 30 teams, including larger groups of over 400 employees, delivering a biweekly product increment consisting of hardware and software.
  • Improved delivery quality by 80% as a result of leading a Large-Scale Scrum adoption at SAP IT, changing their release cycle from 6 to 2 months. Implemented 1000+ automated tests and a continuous delivery pipeline along with infrastructure automation.
  • An identified expert in my field and speaker at major conferences such as SAP TechEd (5000+ attendees) and Intersection Conference for Strategic Enterprise Design 2018.
  • Organized the second LeSS Coach Camp and co-organized the third LeSS Conference and the first outside of Europe (New York 2018). I am an active member in the Agile and (Large-Scale) Scrum community, and I regularly speak at conferences and meetups about my own LeSS adoption and experiences.

Case Studies:

  • LeSS at Global Player in the Software Industry (from 2015 to 2016) - Led an agile transformation: scaled development teams from 3 to 7 and further coached 3 Scrum Masters and the management team on how to lead a scaled agile organization.
  • LeSS Huge at BMW AG (2018) - Contributed to significant improvements in product delivery: improved effectiveness of the LeSS events, coached the Scrum Masters into better Servant Leaders and enhanced self-organization on the area and team level through a focus on responsibility and accountability.
  • Scrum at GIZ (2019) - Achieved outstanding time-to-market results: getting from an idea to mock-ups, to HTML wireframe, to an MVP in a couple of months. Trained and guided a team in the development process.


  • A lot of SAP Global IT’s success has been thanks to Roberts great work.” - Ran Cliff, VP of Global IT at SAP
  • “A driven, ambitious individual with an infectious enthusiasm for any project. Robert is a true professional. I would gladly recommend Robert's capabilities any day.” - Matthias Böhmert, VP Head of IT Web & Digital Services at SAP SE

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The Lead Coach of this LeSS Adoption (Mark Bregenzer) personally asked me to join and assist the Scrum Masters, Managers, and Teams with my LeSS experience in following the ambitious goals. I paired up with a technical coach, and we jointly supported one Requirement Area for multiple months until moving to another RA. My responsibilities included:

  • Coaching the Scrum Masters to grow the mindset of an agile organization
  • Helping the Scrum Masters organize and facilitate the LeSS events
  • Coaching the Area PO
  • Guiding Product Backlog Refinements and joining mob programming sessions.

Many Scrum Masters in the organization booked 1-on-1 coaching or shadowing sessions with us, which helped them improve their skills and knowledge. It was a unique experience that I'm very proud to have been part of, and I'm still in touch with many Scrum Masters in the organization.